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The Story

Gnarled Oak Farm started in 2017 on a small parcel of land in Pleasant Hill, Oregon.  At that time, we pasture-raised muscovy ducks on a large scale (think 500 ducks). We were "regenerative" before we even knew what regenerative was! That experience gave us the knowledge to begin our farm in Mississippi on a larger and more diverse scale. We are excited to dive into ancient grains, silvopasture, and fruit and nut tree production!




Kevin is the farm manager, chief operator, engineer, plumber, electrician, fencer,  chef, and chauffeur. 

His background is in outdoor recreation and spent several years managing a park on Mt. Hood. Today he manages the Gnarled Oak Farm 3 ringed circus. 

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Sarah is the master schemer, idea generator, and entrepreneur. When not driving Kevin crazy with her new farm ideas, she can be found working on the business side of the farm, from accounting to marketing. And acquiring new animals (animal acquisition syndrome is real!)

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