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Gnarly Nose + Ruff Paw Salve

Gnarly Nose + Ruff Paw Salve

Gnarly nose alert! Our Gnarly Nose + Ruff Paw Salve was created specially for Toto, our Gnarly Nose spokesdog. He had the ultimate gnarly nose and his owners were at their wits end to find something to end his woes. After some experimentation, we created Gnarly Nose for Toto, and by day 7 his nose was completely healed!  The power of tallow never ceases. 


Directions: for super gnarly noses and ruff paws, apply twice a day. To prevent lickage, give your pup a treat while you apply the salve. This will distract them enough they will forget they just had beef fat rubbed all over their nose or paws. 


Why tallow? Tallow naturally contains fatty acids (stearic acid, oleic acid, and palmitic acid) and vitamins (A, D, E, and K) that are ideal for healing and nourishing noses and paws! The composition of tallow  is absorbed better than other oils and fats and doesn't cause irritation.  It's also very healing! 


Our Process: Our tallow products are made in micro batches by us on our farm using tallow from our pasture-raised, intensively rotated Belted Galloway cows. 


Ingredients: Regenerative tallow, olive oil, beeswax



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