Half Cow - Deposit

Half Cow - Deposit

This is a deposit for a HALF COW. All 150+ lbs of nutrient dense, sustainable goodness. Our next cow will be ready in mid-March. The balance on the cow will be due at time of delivery, and on average will be $1400 - 1500. Deposit is non-refundable. Final price is $5.50/lb for hanging weight. You do not have to pay processor fees - we cover that for you!


Once you put down your deposit, we will send you a cut sheet so you can decide what cuts you want. It will include approximately 40% ground beef and 60% cuts. Cuts include: Ribeye NY Strip Flank steak Filet mignon Sirloin steak Skirt steak Flat iorn Tri-tip Chuck roast Shoulder roast Loin-tip roast Rump roast Top round Roast Short ribs Back ribs Brisket Hamburger


    All our beef is antibiotic and hormone free, grass-fed, and intensively rotated. Why does this matter? Our cows:

    • Sequester more carbon than they emit (3.5lbs of CO2 is sequestered for every 1lb of beef)
    • Have more nutritional density (phytochemicals like terpenoids, phenols, and carotenoids) than feedlot beef. This means YOU get healthier by eating our beef!
    • Use less water than feedlot beef
    • Increase the resilience of the crops grown on the same land
    • Reduce the amount of additional fertilizers required to raise a crop (meaning less nitrates in the Gulf of Mexico!)



    Deposits are non-refundable.


    Local delivery or pick-ups only unless approved in advance.